1. XenithDragon

    Mr Sandman, Bring me a meme

    Here is a short little CSGO kill montage I made with the trap remix of Mr. Sandman, sorry its a bit jumpy, im still trying to improve at this kind of stuff lol
  2. XenithDragon

    The Death of Blacklight: Retribution

    If you remember the good ol days of Blacklight: Retribution, then this will be a good(or bad) listen. It used to be my go to game, and in its prime it was absolutely amazing, but now it has nearly died and is in a terrible state.
  3. XenithDragon

    Epic Anime - PlayerUnknown's Battleground #1

    Just a little gameplay with me and smurfson!
  4. XenithDragon

    Binding of Isaac Run Through!

    Hey everyone! Here is a little run through of The Binding of Isaac! I dont actually make it all the way through.....but hey, im making it!
  5. XenithDragon

    I Suck Major a** at War Thunder

    Hey Guys! So recently I played a little war thunder....and yeah....I Suck a**.