1. NocturnalGTX

    Black Mesa "The END" or is It ?

    This is the official ending of the remake as of the date this thread was made. Theres still a big chunch of the game missing and thats the Alien Word(XEN). The guys developing this game, keep failing to deliver on that part. Maybe one day but for now "THE END". Amazing remake, it keeps the...
  2. XenithDragon

    The Death of Blacklight: Retribution

    If you remember the good ol days of Blacklight: Retribution, then this will be a good(or bad) listen. It used to be my go to game, and in its prime it was absolutely amazing, but now it has nearly died and is in a terrible state.
  3. XenithDragon

    Epic Anime - PlayerUnknown's Battleground #1

    Just a little gameplay with me and smurfson!