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  1. M

    Gaming Looking for someone to collaborate with on PS4

    Hello my name is Babz, I'm 16 years old and I'm looking for any other people around the age 14 to 18 to collaborate with me on Youtube. I would love to work with a group of people but I don't mind if we work as a duo. You don't need any subscribers however it would be appreciated if you have...
  2. PsySpy Gaming

    VWF Elimination Chamber Promo

    This is for a specific group that I am a part of and I thought that it might be good practice on my part. And honestly, it's probably the most editing that I have ever done. Even if it is only a minute long. While it is on someone else's YouTube page, one of my buddies got all the clips and I...
  3. Michael Copeland

    Gaming Minecraft (PC and Xbox One) and Other Games

    Hello guys. I'm looking for people to play Minecraft with either on PC or Xbox One. Or both if you have them. I'm also up to play other games like WWE 2K16 on Xbox One, Cards Against Humanity, Brawlhalla, Speedrunners, The Ship, etc. Age Requirement: 18-23 Decent Microphone My timezone is...
  4. Michael Copeland

    Gaming Looking for collaborations

    I recently got minecraft on PC and on Xbox One. Looking for people who have at least one of these versions of minecraft. Also looking for collaborations on other games such as... Cards Against Humanity Garry's Mod, Knight Squad (Xbox One) WWE 2K16 and more. Age requirement: 18+ Message...