would you rather

  1. ItsMeRay


    Hey what is up fam, it's me Ray and welcome back to another video! Today's video is kind of different. Today's video is more of a challenge video I guess? Anyways, I decided to play Would You Rather, but with a twist. The goal of the game is to side with the majority and every time I don't...
  2. Blunt Brittany

    Bean Boozled Challenge | Would You Rather

    Check out my latest challenge where we answer would you rather questions while playing Bean Booozled!
  3. CorporalKilljoy

    2 New Videos, one Featuring a Blind Terrier, Enjoy

    First video Is My continuation of "Would You Rather" with my Blind terrier making a special appearance The other is My first ever reaction video to RWBY Volume 4, please like and Subscribe Would you rather: RWBY Volume 4 reaction: To subscribe click here...
  4. CorporalKilljoy

    My darkest secrets revealed! | Would You Rather

    Now my personal preferences will finally be revealed with these videos. Enjoy
  5. The Happy Gamer

    MALL COP OR PRISON GUARD? | Would You Rather #8

    Would you rather be a mall cop or a prison guard? AHHH! I don't know!
  6. The Happy Gamer

    MY OWN MESSENGER OWL | Would You Rather #7

    Would You Rather just gave me one of the coolest decisions ever! I would definitely rather have a messenger owl!
  7. The Happy Gamer

    I'm Such A Grammar Nazi!!! - Would You Rather

    There is no Would You Rather here! Yes. I am a grammar nazi. Would You Rather Playlist ►https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLShVy3sjO8uv16qDMN0aatJBYDg5f2mE4 5$ OFF Loot Crate! ►http://looted.by/d0NIT Become a Happy Gamer! ►http://bit.ly/thehappygamer Dress Like a Happy Gamer...
  8. KanesThoughts

    Launched a New "Would You Rather" Show

    Hey Everyone, for a while now ive been meaning to launch a show and i finally have, however i feel its lacking enough umph. I have the first episode released, 2 more scheduled for the approaching Fridays, and one still in raw footage state. i feel the show has potential to be something extremely...
  9. Brandzor

    Soulja Boy & Hobo Kisses - Would You Rather (EP1)

    Today, I face some most difficult questions ever to face mankind in a quick game of Would You Rather! Needless to say, new brain plz?
  10. DaRealApollo

    Kill Your Kid or Cause a Catastrophe?

    Would you Rather?
  11. Crooked T

    Punching Toddlers | Would You Rather

    Hey guys this is the first video i have posted on this website go easy on me :D thanks so much for watching let me know what you thought :D My Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_W-E-rwZbFd40bXE2gkgyQ
  12. itsnicksnider


    Looking for any would you rather questions.....post them here please :)