working together

  1. M

    Gaming PS4 Gamer Wanted

    I have a lot of games (Rocket League, call of duty aw, sw battlefront, GTA V, BF Hardline, BF 4, and many others) If you want to add me on PlayStation it is ipodlover89. I am looking for a nice energetic person with good talking skills to make a video with. No facecam needed (I dont use one)...
  2. Conight

    Comedy Pushin' the boat out \(O.O)/

    Hey ok so I loved working on collaboration content, you gain diversity in characteristics between youtubers in videos, learn a variety of new skills and techniques from your collaboration partner and exchange some viewership. Not to mention, make new friends ^^ Because of all the positives...
  3. ComputerFiguur

    Gaming Collab on PC

    Hello! As you can see i'm a 24-year old female gamer. I gained 650 subscribers on Youtube and to improve myself and my channel i decided its time to work together with anoter Youtubers. I live in the netherlands, so my timezone is +01:00 UTC. I can play at night sometimes, but i cant be too loud...