1. SeanFace101

    Videos Recorded From iPhone Dont Work on Windows Movie Maker!?

    Can anyone please tell me why any video I record using my iPhone cant be used in Windows Movie Maker? :P After I record it, send it to my laptop, then go to add the video file to WMM and it says I cant :P Im pretty sure I used to use iPhone videos on WMM a while ago. :P
  2. Kade2110

    In Need of A New Editing Software

    Hey everyone! So I just started my videos, and I have a Canon hd camera, but when I go and edit my videos, I use Windows Movie Maker, and it turns the video not HD when I put it on full screen. Is there any other recommendations for an editing software for pc? Or does windows movie maker keep it...
  3. Sir Gamealot

    How to still get Windows 10 for free

    I found an article where Microsoft has left Windows 10 to be free! Check out the video below if you want to know more :)
  4. M

    OpenSource Video Editor for both Windows ans Linux

    Hi everyone, I need an opensource video editor that is available for both Windows and Linux. I'm using windows now, but plan on migrating to Linux later on and would like the files to still be readable. I've installed OpenShot, but it shows menus in 3 different languages and makes it unusable...
  5. Chris and Nima

    I'm using window media maker, help!!

    I am currently using free software to make videos is it really worth the money to purchase software? If so what is the best for the price? Sorry I'm really new at this and don't want to spend tons of money trying different ones out. Thanks for your time.
  6. ninja-boyz

    Gaming Does ANYONE have a good idea for collaboration on PC?

    I have a PC that's not too advanced, but it's above average. I was thinking of doing a Mincraft thing but I don't know if my schedule would work out with others. I also do lots of Pokemon and Digital art, and I'm not really sure how I could do that with another person and use that to be able to...
  7. GrgakGames

    Harvester - GrgakGames! Sppppoookkk it up

    Hey guys! Finally finished my video. UGH. Tell me what you think! (: