windows movie maker

  1. SeanFace101

    Where can i get a full free Windows Movie Maker?

    Where can i get a full free download of the Windows Movie Maker video editing software? I have had it a few times on computers when i bought the computers but i cant find it online to download as the laptop i have now doesnt have it on it. :P
  2. SeanFace101

    Videos Recorded From iPhone Dont Work on Windows Movie Maker!?

    Can anyone please tell me why any video I record using my iPhone cant be used in Windows Movie Maker? :P After I record it, send it to my laptop, then go to add the video file to WMM and it says I cant :P Im pretty sure I used to use iPhone videos on WMM a while ago. :P
  3. Scandinavian Freckles

    Should I wait ?

    Hi, I was wondering a few things and hopefully you guys can help ! I am currently self employed and don't really have enough money to buy all the great equipment and stuff so up until now I have filmed a few videos on my phone ( Samsung Grand Prime) and the quality isn't the great but I want to...
  4. Factually True

    A Windows Movie Maker Rant

    When I recently got the idea for my channel, I started researching video editing software to figure out which one I would use. Because most of my work is illustrating and narrating, I only need the video editor to combine my illustrations and audio tracks with some music, and I use a low...
  5. Jack Decker

    What is the best free online video editor?

    Camcorder (Sony Handycam HDR-CRX240) is on its way and should be here tomorrow. Starting up a YouTube react-to-news political vlog. Wondering if there are any good free online video editor and if there is more than one, which is the best. That and how they compare against Windows Movie Maker...
  6. N

    HELP! Preparing a video clip on Windows Live Movie Maker is taking WAY to long.

    Hi guys, So I'm now starting up my youtube channel.. I have uploaded a 6 minute clip onto windows movie maker that was filmed in 1080/25p. It has honestly been preparing for over an hour now and it's still preparing it! Does anyone have any idea why? Is it my laptop? Or the programme itself...