1. illya__v

    Outdoors Insta - hiking, camping, etc.

    Hello all, I have an outdoors oriented Instagram account and I would love to connect with similar accounts. Feel free to check it out and follow, I'll follow back. Thanks! https://www.instagram.com/illya__v/ @illya__v
  2. KevinS14

    Exploring the wilderness in Germany!

    Hey guys - I'm back! I just had a huge lull on Youtube because I've had family and friends from Canada come visit me here in Barcelona for over 6 weeks! After being so insanely busy it's nice to have reclaimed my office and finally have some time for my regular hobbies again. :) To celebrate...
  3. Staying Alive Comedy

    Crazy prepper talk!

    Let us know if you guys liked this one! Give us a thumbs up and/or comment and tell us what made you laugh the most!