1. YaBoiiClark

    Meet Up/Gathering Wichita, KS squad!

    Hello fellow YouTubers! Let's hang out, collab, do whatever in the Wichita area! Downtown Wichita is the place to be, so if anyone wants to be friends, meet up, vlog our adventures, lets do it!! Tweet me @JakeGrunger (my DM's are open to the public) if you want to plan something!
  2. YaBoiiClark

    Vlog Let's collab!! (Wichita, KS)

    What's good, YTT! You're probably wondering who in the world this "YaBoiiClark" guy is. Well, I'm ya boii, Clark! It's nice to meet you! Alright, lets get down to bidness! So, I've been on YouTube for about seven years now, but I'm not well-known at all. I've made comedy skit videos...