who's your daddy

  1. iMSaiyan

    Would love some feedback with my collab

    Here's a video of me playing Who's Your Daddy with a friend of mine, Chelly! -- How did we do? How was everything, was it fun, good? Good chemistry? Audio? Also yes I left feedback for two people before I posted this :D --- Any feedback would be very appreciated. Thanks a lot guys. Much love!
  2. Optimisticshyguy

    Gaming Looking for people to have a great time with

    I'm interested in doing a collab with people 15 or older with games such as Gmod, Minecraft (that's a big one) and Who's Your Daddy. So nobody is getting into something they don't want to I am 15, have 54 subscribers, and you can contact me a optimisticshyguy45@gmail.com if you're interested.
  3. Ninja Ferret

    Gaming Looking For Pc Collaboration

    Hey guys, I'm just looking to branch out a little and collaborate with some new people. I think it would be a lot of fun! If you guys are interested leave your email or skype name as a response. Requirements: Must be 16-21 years old Must be active on youtube Must have a descent mic Games I...
  4. Blakeusness

    Who's Your Daddy? - Meet Rodger the baby!

    Hi guys! Just made a new video on the game 'Who's your daddy' A fun indie that has been greenly on steam! Hope you enjoy!