what do i do?

  1. The Cold Abyss

    My Channel Introduction/ Trailer!

    Hello and welcome to my channel trailer! :wavespin: I am a fighting game fanatic. :help: So what better way to express this than a little montage of some awesome moments? :cool: I upload games like Mortal Kombat X and Street Fighter 5. I post combo tutorials, informative guides, gameplays, and...
  2. Mr Kerbibble

    Someone keeps saying they'll sue us?

    So, this was something I was not expecting to wake up to today. As some of you know, we run a few channels, a Daily Vlog, a Gaming Channel, and a Cosplay/Convention channel: Kerbibble Cosplay Today, I woke up to discover a message from someone commenting on one of our Cosplay Music Videos...