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    I Lost 13 Pounds In A Week + Kick Boxing Workout!

    I Lost 13 Pounds In A Week and I got a great Kick Boxing Workout in!

    Weight loss challenge

  3. GregRawinski

    48 hours without COKE - Day 3

  4. Lavinia Lahrese

    New Weight Loss + Self Improvement Vlog

    Hey guys! I just got into the whole vlogging thing and I wanted to know if anyone out there has any tips on how to improve my vlogs. There is a lot of information out there about building gaming channels or even comedy channels but nothing about Lifestyle Vlogs... Any help would be MUCH...
  5. Lavinia Lahrese

    New Weight Loss Vlog!

    Hey YouTube Fam! I recently started a new weight loss blog charting my strive to be more journey towards a better, fitter ME! I'd love you for you all to join me on my fitness journey through either YouTube (response videos) or MyFitnessPal! You can add me on MFP as athleticgirl2K15! Hope to...