web design

  1. L

    Other Searching for creators who wants to review product

    Hey! Are interested in web design? Do you know what does template, theme, WordPress mean? Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss everything.
  2. Ampix0

    Spent MONTHS on these animations! - Intro to HTML

    At long last this video is DONE! I had been working on this video fairly steadily over the course of truthfully 3 months all said and done. Not everything I worked on was exclusively for this video, but either way it took a long time to get here. And by the time Im done, come to see the video is...
  3. Opensource Channel UK

    Other hi could any one help?

    Hi all I do not know if you could help but I am looking for small businesses that would let me video what they do for my channel. I am searching for: Computer building Web design Mobile app design Hosting company But they must be located in Cardiff wales or few miles away. Any help is...
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