1. BrianTheVideoShooter


    A walk in the southern part of Nordhavnen in Copenhagen (København). At Nordhavn Bassin and bathing area Sandkaj (badezone Sandkaj) .Nordhavn zip code 2150. Activities like bathing in nice water. The area at Århusgade quarter (Århusgadekvarteret) and near Konditaget i Nordhavn. In the area (on...
  2. BrianTheVideoShooter


    Walking in the new part of Sydhavnen, Copenhagen. More specifically Enghave Brygge. First near Skibbroen, Tømmergravsgade, Kortløb and Fiskerihavnsgade. And later near Tjæregade and Martin Luther Kings Vej. Area: Københavns Sydhavn Kbh, 2450 København SV near Teglholmen og Sluseholmen. New roads...
  3. BrianTheVideoShooter

    Copenhagen harbor Denmark

    A very windy day at the harborfront. Copenhagen harbor Denmark. HD video 2017. Brrr cold wind and cold water at the waterfront.

    Licking Dogs Water Challenge - VLOG #166

    Decided to do a challenge. The challenge is to lick the dogs water all gone. Licking water for the purpose of drinking it is harder than I thought it was gonna be. Will I beat my dog in a race. Watch and see to find out. Hope you enjoy the video. :)
  5. YungShawarma

    I hit 100 subscribers

    I am so happy to have hit 100 subs just by drinking things. I feel pretty accomplished and excited to drink more things.
  6. Staying Alive Comedy

    Don't drink the water!

    Our latest and greatest "instructional" video! :D Would you guys drink it?
  7. Swecam

    Best summer montage of all time?

    I really put down a lot of work in to this summer montage so please leave your opinions in the comments. And is this video better the my previous summer montages. Cause this one I clearly more divorce with trampoline, longboard, waterskiing and sailing. And do you guys have any thoughts on...
  8. Swecam

    Please review my video

    I'm going to ask you guys for a favor, and I hope you can learn something to. Could you review my video? And if you guys have any question I will make sure too answer them.