walkthrough video

  1. Justine

    Life is Strange: Before The Storm Made a Mistake

    So if you haven't seen my other videos of Before The Storm, my biggest complaint has been the voice acting. However, in this part of episode two we got to meet the janitor again and holy cow, they ruined his character. Thanks so much for checking out this thread and my video! If you like the...
  2. H

    Games Walkthrough Video promotion

    Hi all, I have a gaming channel that post first looks video. im thinking about incorporating some walkthrough videos for different video games, mostly ios/android games. but how do i promote this type of videos? i dont see i can constantly post in forums every time i post an episode. i will...
  3. 247SixtyFour

    Would love to receive video feedback!

    I have a sort of cringey walkthrough video that I just made and I want some feedback so I can continue this video series and make sure it is quality.