1. Nord

    Voice Acting Male Voice-Over artist with experience

    Hello!, I've done a lot of voice over work in the past and I'd love to do voice over work for your channel. One place I've worked with is a channel called NEXTA, that channel currently has over 30,200 subs and some videos which I have worked on with over 1 million views. My channel youtube . com...
  2. C

    Commentary 3,5k subs. I need someone to do the commentary

    Hello, I'm new there. I upload WWE 2K18 and wrestling related videos. I normally don't talk in my videos because I have a very weird accent; so I'd like to see if anyone's interested in helping me out with that. I need someone who's willing to do some commentary and voice-acting over my videos...
  3. Recluse

    Voice Acting Need a voice impressionist/actor to collab with!

    Hey everyone! I am an aspiring voice impressionist/actor. You can check out my stuff on my YouTube channel: Recluse25. If there's anyone interested in a collab in this field, hit me up!