vocie actor

  1. F

    Voice Acting Need Voice Actors

    i'm unable to pay you but I can give you shoutouts for your channels, I have one great series that im coming out with later this year its a little weird but I ran it through with a lot people and they like it. im looking for a few people with good mics to help me out on this project. male and...
  2. Mr. Fox

    Voice Acting Looking for Male/Female Voice Actors

    Hiyaa! I'm looking for a male or female voice actors for a project of mine relating to my channel Well, i lost my Old Channel in that i had lot of views and subs, Well In this of my Channel you many find lesser Views, i just made 3days ago!! But i have very interesting videos, on my your may...
  3. Mr. Fox

    Voice Acting Voice Actor Needed For YouTube Video!!

    Am having Voice acting channel called Foxdairies, Haha if anyone interested to collab with or Can help in Voice Acting some videos!! Well You Can Email Me if Your Interested : RedFoxyX@gmail.com Or Comment!