vlog family

  1. Cameron Arnold

    Over 40k Views

    I can't believe how much people watch my videos that I achieve this milestone thank you so much
  2. Jeeves

    1,000 Views. Thank You All

    I've hit 1,000 views. I hit this milestone about a week ago, but I wanted to share it as it is a huge accomplishment in my eyes. Thank you :)
  3. Jeeves

    Cinematic Vlog 6

    This is my 6th cinematic vlog, where I talk and me and my buddy just kind of chill at his house. Just looking for some feedback and such on how I can improve. Thanks.
  4. Jeeves

    Cinematic Vlog 6

    Hey guys, this is my 6th cinematic vlog. Feedback would be much appreciated :)
  5. Rocky

    Review my vlog/ prank channel

    Guys I was wondering how could I reach out to more people out there and get people to subscribe ? And is my content any entertaining? Thanks for feedbacks
  6. Mitch Music

    Just started a Family Vlog

    Hey hey! I've never vlogged before now, but I've watched a lot. Would love any feedback on my channel. It's really new, just 2 videos. The trailer and my first official vlog, but I plan on at least weekly vlogs (probably more though). Thanks so much!!
  7. Munesh Ramnarine

    Need a Cheap Vlog Camera?

    Not too recently my lovely girlfriend purchased me a camera that I could use for vlogging, it was a Canon SX610. This camera is very good for vlogging and it comes at a decent price, it was only $210 at the Best Buy I bought it at. Now I'm not sure its that price in every state or country but...
  8. Munesh Ramnarine

    Vlog NYC VLOGS

    Whats up everyone! My name is Munesh and I do vlogs and other videos on youtube. I'm also in the NYC area so if anyone is around here you should definitely let me know. Please check out some of my videos :)
  9. Today With PBAndJ

    Want to grow your channel and learn? Do this instead!

    Hello Everyone! Just had some thoughts on how to help each other a little differently. I want to grow a community outside of this forum where like minded, creative, hard working, NewTuber creators continually help each other grow and learn. What I mean by that is not Sub for Sub and forget...