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  1. HC.SameerPatil

    Vlog Who are your Vlogging Gurus?

    I was inspired to start documenting and vlogging my life as I become an investor and eventually give back to people in third world countries after watching youtubers such as: Gary Vaynerchuk - Investor and motivational figure (plans on buying the New York Jets) Jon Olsson - Makes beautiful...
  2. Cameron Arnold

    600 Subscribers BOOOIIII

    This is actually blowing my mind I'm 400 subs close to 1k can't wait and thanks to the people that subscribe love my fans that are building up #HIGH4
  3. Cameron Arnold

    Over 40k Views

    I can't believe how much people watch my videos that I achieve this milestone thank you so much
  4. Jeeves

    1,000 Views. Thank You All

    I've hit 1,000 views. I hit this milestone about a week ago, but I wanted to share it as it is a huge accomplishment in my eyes. Thank you :)
  5. Jeeves

    A 1 Minute Face to Face Vlog

    Hey everybody. This is a face to face vlog regarding many important updates to my channel. Even though you might not care at all, please watch the video as you might find other content you like around my channel :)
  6. Jeeves

    Cinematic Vlog 6

    This is my 6th cinematic vlog, where I talk and me and my buddy just kind of chill at his house. Just looking for some feedback and such on how I can improve. Thanks.
  7. Jeeves

    Cinematic Vlog 6

    Hey guys, this is my 6th cinematic vlog. Feedback would be much appreciated :)
  8. Jeeves

    How Can I Improve my Cinematic Vlogs?

    Hey everyone, this is Jeeves. I make cinematic vlogs, and I'd like you guys to give me some feedback on how I could improve them and not have them being so stale. I feel like they aren't too boring, but I really want to keep that audience retention. Also if you have any feedback on if I should...
  9. Jeeves

    Cinematic Vlog #5 - Feedback Appreciated

    This is my 5th vlog and I speak in it. Feedback on what my strengths, weaknesses, and what I can improve on is much appreciated :)
  10. Rocky

    Review my vlog/ prank channel

    Guys I was wondering how could I reach out to more people out there and get people to subscribe ? And is my content any entertaining? Thanks for feedbacks