virtual reality video

  1. ROBVR

    Gaming VR Specific (or Indie game) Collabs kettering uk

    VR Specific (or Indie game) Collabs and if you're local to Northamptonshire UK even better. Aiming to grow into a large channel and share the journey with like minded youtubers.
  2. FraYoshi

    First 3D - 360° - 4K video

    THANK YOU!!! Because of Your motivation, I realized my first video in both 3D, 360° and 4K! Here It is!! Watch It on YouTube ^-^
  3. FraYoshi

    500 Subs!!! :D

    Hit right now: 500 subscribers!!!!!! This is a Milestone I set so much time ago, so for me is not only a regular milestone but a BIG stupid smile on my face :D For this reason I decided to challenge myself doing what I asked myself to do in this year but that I never done: My first video in...
  4. VR Sloth

    360 Degree Graphic Intro

    Hi Guys and Girls, I was wondering if anyone out there knows how to create a graphic intro for a 360 degree spherical video? It would be super cool to have an animated intro that accounted for the fact the footage is equirectangular, otherwise graphics will get really warped if they're not...