1. The Bloody Nine

    Lambs to the Slaughter - 4V4 Highlander Montage - For Honor

    Hey there guys! This video is meant to mark my change from the Bloody-Nine to my new name, the Fiend of Ondar. These clips are all from the last day or two, but I hope that you find the video interesting none the less! Let me know what you guys think about the music. Enjoy. Also, let me know...
  2. The Bloody Nine

    THE PIT FIGHTERS - Brawls With Friends - For Honor

    Hey everybody! I'm sorry it's been a while, but now I'm back with more for Honor content. As an apology, here's some montage footage of brawls and dominion matches that I played with some buddies on Xbox a few days ago. I lost most of the footage (sadly), but I got a few decent clips from it...
  3. The Bloody Nine

    [For Honor] New Arcade Mode Weekly Quest w/ Raider - I Like This Challenge!

    Hey there! I appreciate you checking out some For Honor gameplay, and I think you will find the video entertaining even if you don't own the game - so stick around! Tonight we were playing the new Arcade Mode weekly quest "The Disir of Angrboda". I really enjoy this mode. Nice to have some...