viewer retention

  1. VRONA

    How Can I Fix Appalling Growth Rate | Honest Feedback Needed

    My channel has been going through huge growing pains since it started 4 years ago. It started off ok, yet things went stale quickly. I only reach 100 subscribers after 3 years, and even though I am now just 1 off 200, the general viewing of my videos has been going down. In my first year I made...
  2. VRONA

    What Could Have Made My Channel Die?

    So I've been working away hard at my channel for 4 years now, and with small successes here and there in the past, but in general, it hasn't been doing well. There is no viewer interaction, no active subscribers, no sharing of videos, only about 10 views per video, and no likes/dislikes. So what...
  3. Cute Japan Toys

    Other New to YouTube! :)

    Hi guys! Hope you guys are all doing okay. Me and my daughter just recently started our channel (May). Our content is for kids, mainly toy unboxing, reviews and anything that kids would enjoy. Was hoping if you guys could check out our channel and share how can it be more visible for our...
  4. YourKingSkeletor

    Any tips for INCREASING Viewer Retention?

    My channel has been struggling in one major area, viewer retention. I edit out the unrequired chunks of my videos and speak asloud and lively as I can at the time (I'm a bit monotone at times) and get crappy retention. For example, my latest video has an average retention of 7 seconds (Guess...