1. JamesGAMES YT

    Top Moments of The Last of Us Part 1: A Video Project I've Working on for A While

  2. Jayden Garcia


    "TOMBSTONE ARRIVES!" New Youtube video is LIVE. Like/Comment/Subscribe.
  3. Jayden Garcia


    MY FIRST WIN ON #BLACKOUT WAS INSANE! Check it out and subscribe! :)
  4. Jayden Garcia

    This is one of the best missions on Spiderman (PS4)!

  5. Jayden Garcia


    1st video of the day just went live on my Youtube channel! Soaring 50's is easily one of my favorite LTM's they have put in the game. Enjoy! :) Help me reach my 100 subscriber goal.
  6. Jayden Garcia


    NEW upload on my Youtube channel. This was a pretty insane game of NBA 2k19. I really enjoyed the prelude and I can not wait until it comes out on the 11th. I post a variety of games, so if you are interested go give my video a chance. Drop a like on it and subscribe if you haven't already...
  7. MasterRoo

    "This War of Mine" really nails the themes of Human Nature

    Around Halloween of this year, I finally picked up This War of Mine and I'm in love with it. It's not the best game for gameplay or visuals but hell, it's themes of depression and lost are what I love about it. LOL! It's hard to explain but I love exploring the themes of humanity's dark side in...
  8. DcapoMedia

    New Video Game Music Channel - VGM Covers and Originals Weekly!

    Hey all, my name is Daniel and I'm an avid gamer, music composer, sound designer and pianist. Recently I started a YouTube channel where I cover video game music and post original video game music on a weekly basis. Currently my most popular video is a cover from the Classic jrpg Chrono...
  9. ReMixzGaming

    Gaming Looking to collab on PC with 100+ subs

    If you are close to 100 subscribers u can still be in this. I'm a normal YouTuber with 104 subscribers and I want to collab with other YoUtubers that hit that 100 milestone as well :P The games that I play are CSGO, Minecraft, rocket league, warframe, gmod, cards against humanity, H1Z1, PUBG...
  10. Ostil

    Music Looking for Violinist for Piano/Violin Collab!

    Hi music makers! I'm looking for a violinist who can help me out with a cover I'm trying to finish. I'm a pianist that usually does unique video game covers. You can check out my channel to see my style and collabs I've done with other talented internet people. The song I need help with is...
  11. JaxShadow

    Gaming Collabs for console or PC

    Hey guys, I'm a fairly small channel, but with alot of content. Looking for others that wanna make fun content and or a story style progression, full of scripts and everything. I've done a ton of lets plays and multiplayer, however its hard to get a foot in the door if you know what I mean...
  12. AMX Gaming

    Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy - Meet The Team (Episode 1: Tangled Up In Blue)

    This is Episode 1: Tangled Up In Blue Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy a Telltale Series we will see the full game which is about 1 hour and 30 minutes but i am making 15 minute videos this is part 1 of those videos. stay tuned for the upcoming videos in this part 1 we meet the guardians, help...
  13. soldatcat

    NGHHHHH | resident evil 7 biohazard

    Hiya! I just posted my first video of my RESIDENT evil 7 playthrough :) it would be amazing if you guys could check it out!!! Thanks :)
  14. KrivixHD

    For Honor Lets Play pt.2 - Peacekeeper


    How long have you been doing YouTube?

    how long have you been doing youtube i started in 27th Jul 2015
  16. soldatcat

    Video idea (bo3)

    I had an idea lately for a challenge where I use one of those random weapon generators for Bo3 and have to use that class for a whole game of either FFA and team death match but I don't know what the penalty would be? Also I don't know if its worth doing because I feel like nobody would watch it...
  17. Kemono

    Full Wrestling Easter Egg levels on Mr. President! Must Watch!

    Posted it a little earlier but I'm hoping people enjoy! Check it out! It's every single level on the wrestling ones!
  18. We Are Magikarp

    Music Collaboration for anime/videogame music cover

    Hi there! I'm Roger and I'm searching for other musicians who want to make some cover video for an anime opening or a videogame OST theme. I play the piano and I also arrange themes using Finale, so if you are interested, please reply to this post or email me at Cheers!
  19. M

    How to play Pikmin

    Don't ask why. Easter egg at 0:47 seconds.
  20. Drazlash

    Should I start a new channel?

    The channel I actually have is the 3rd one I've made but I feel like its a pretty common gameplay channel, the only different thing it has is maybe some extra editing, so I was thinking on making a new one focused in videogame "cinematic shorts" and in English or maybe bilingual (My actual...
  21. DarkBolt

    Channel Intro Review

    I just posted my channel intro and I was wondering if someone would review it. In later videos, I will be playing other games like Black OPs III, GTA V, CS:GO, and more. I usually will post vids about news topics, videogames, celebrities, movies, etc., while having background gameplay. I also...
  22. DarkBolt

    Videogame Channel Ideas

    I am starting a new channel that will feature: videogame reviews, movie reviews, life stories, vlogs, skits, etc. I need some ideas to talk about during the videos. I usually record gameplay of an Android or PC game and talk about anything from life stories to videogame reviews. I need some...
  23. Savage Gamerz

    Overwatch Gameplay with Torb

    Overwatch Gameplay with Torb, hope you Enjoy and Subscribe if you like my Content Thanks.
  24. Killerkat

    Commentary Tips?

    I'am a deadly shy person and can't say a word without being paranoid that one of my family can hear me talking to myself basically or that I'am going to mess up completely :( anybody have any tips to overcome shyness? or even just what to say? sorry for annoyance XD Thanks :)
  25. Maxemole

    My Thoughts On Console Upgrading

    I'm sure you have heard of the rumors about new consoles coming. Here are my thoughts on the subject.
  26. Bannik13

    Hearthstone.. The beginning is here.

    A lot of you already know I'm focusing on Diablo 3, but damn Hearthstone is one awesome game!! So I'll be starting a new journey with Hearthstone. Everyone is welcome to join in on the fun, veterans and new players alike. We can all learn from each other!!!!