video uploads

  1. F

    Saving videos...?

    Hey guys, new Youtuber here! I haven't created any videos yet, but I was wondering.... What is advisable, should I delete my videos after I upload them to YouTube to make space for other videos on my laptop... Or is it recommended that we save all our videos even after uploading? Looking forward...
  2. pioneer1

    What Happens When You Don't Upload Videos Regularly?

    Hi all, From your personal experience what happens to your channel when you don't upload new videos for say a week / 2 weeks / a month. After you do this, does the channel stagnate or decline? Would you say 1 or 2 uploads minimum a week will keep your channel growth healthy? Thanks
  3. WilBajamas

    Uploading on December

    Hey there guys, I started Youtube on September 2015, it's almost 3 months now and everything was going fine, I was gaining subs and views until December. December is quite disastrous for me, I'm not greedy for subs or's just my view count drops a lot when I'm uploading now. Is it...