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  1. DivideAndConquer

    Gaming Video In Need Of Review

    Hey guys this is my newest video i made what i am looking for 1. how can i edit it better? 2. how is the audio? 3. should i add more VFX? 4. would you subscribe after seeing this video? 5. would you share this video with your friends or on forms? 6. is there anyway to make the video rank...
  2. Anjim

    Utilizing SEO Can Get You More Views On Your Youtube Channel

    Shout out to @Loki Doki and @Phil @ TubeBuddy
  3. WilBajamas

    Using Backlinks

    Hey there everyone, its been awhile since I've made a thread here but here goes. So I've been researching Youtube SEO for a week or two and I came across a topic called "Backlinks", I did some research on it and it is actually putting some of your video links on other website (small small links...