video game music

  1. Jamie

    Services Free Music

    Hello YTtalk :) my name is Jamie and I'm a video game composer from Austria. On my YouTube channel I offer music of all kinds of different genres. So if you need any music for your videos, feel free to use mine! You can also hire me for composing customized music as well as sound design :)...
  2. Dig

    Persona 3 inspired original song!

    Feeling the hype for Persona 5? What am I saying, we all are :) All the excitement over the past months got me looking back at one of my favorite series, and out popped a song! What better way to dive into a new gem than by celebrating a classic :winkphones: I hope any Persona fans lurking...
  3. Dig

    Gears of War 4 inspired song!

    The title pretty much says it all, I'm still not sure if this belongs in the Gaming or Music section :) Anyways, I hope you enjoy this rebellious romp!
  4. That BioMechanical Dude


    I have made a bunch of video game music covers... most of them are NES remakes, made with Famitracker. I hope you enjoy them! Daredevil Theme - NES Cover Arumana no Kiseki - NES Sountrack Cover (yes, this is a cover of the entire soundtrack) Duke Nukem 3D Theme - MMC5 Cover (the MMC5 was an...
  5. WilliamRayWalters

    How can I make that synthesized music for Gamer intro?

    My daughter has her own channel and she wants short intro music like the kind many gamers have. That's what she wants so I'm not going to argue with her. I don't want something generic, I want to make something myself, I'm just not sure what software is used for that kind of music. Are they...