1. Crown

    Vidcon 2020 in LA has NOT been cancelled

    For now, VidCon’s flagship U.S. edition is still a go amid a wave of cancellations of other events and shutdowns including the closure of Disneyland and other theme parks over the coronavirus outbreak. VidCon US 2020 remains scheduled to be held at the Anaheim Convention Center from June 17-20...
  2. BestNerdLife

    What's your opinion on VidCon London?

    More specifically about the Creator track? Pre-registration recently went live and i'm trying not to get swept up in the hype. It would be my first time going. I'm tempted to go just for the experience to be honest. Is it actually worth it? Thoughts? Have you attended in the past? Will you be...
  3. B

    Meet Up/Gathering Who's going to VidCon 2019 (US) and would like to hangout?

    Title says it all, my friends. I'm flying out to Cali next week for VidCon and, unfortunately, I won't have a companion to join me for it (everyone is too busy or just thinks VidCon is stupid). So, I was just wondering if any of you are going too and would like to chill?
  4. Crown

    Vidcon 2019 - Are you going? So vidcon 2019 is next week July 10 - 13 and I was wondering if any of you are going?!
  5. OndaWire

    VidCon 2018 Quick Recap

    Follow me on YouTube and Facebook at "OndaWire" for more. VidCon 2018 was an AMAZING EXPERIENCE! This was my first VidCon and it's definitely a must attend event either if you are small Creator, Big Creator or simply just posting on YouTube, TopBuzz, Facebook, Instagram TV, Twitter, Vigo...
  6. ucandp

    Vlog Who is going to Vidcon in LA?

    I think i would be awesome to maybe meet up and do some collabs! Even if it's for a little bit and shout each other out in the video!
  7. KiddieToysReview

    VidCon Melbourne on this weekend - anyone going?

    It finally here!! I've got my old sneakers washed, hair cut, best $3.99 Kmart t-shirt ironed and ready to go. We're really lucky to be comped Industry Track tickets, so that saves about $1.5k. There are some awesome sounding sessions, such as: 10 Exclusive YouTube Algorithm Cracking Tips The...
  8. Crown

    Entitled YouTuber at VidCon

    Listen, watch how this self-proclaimed "famous" YouTuber speaks to security at VidCon: A great insight into how these people see themselves. The original full video is below. Not sure what was going on at VidCon this year?! Anyone there who could shed more light on this?
  9. Christian B Productions

    Meet Up/Gathering VIDCON: Hangout or Collab With Me.

    Ayo, so as you may know vidcon is coming up in 2 days. If you want to hangout with me or collab with me just hit me up on here. Or on Twitter&Instagram. Twitter: @cbowers08 Instagram: @itsmechrisyt Just FYI: Im a youtuber with 12,000 subscribers and I do DIYS and COMEDY videos. I will be...
  10. Delightfully Dumb

    VidCon & Disney Day

    I separated these into two videos so they'd be easier to watch. Was anybody else there???
  11. Delightfully Dumb

    Meet Up/Gathering Any old people like me going to VidCon?

    Seems like the demographic of people going to VidCon is around 15-20. I feel so old!!! Haha. Is there anyone over 25 going this year that would want to hang out? (nothing against you youngn's, but y'all make this old lady feel old and I can't party past 11pm anymore. jk) :p
  12. KanesThoughts

    Upping my Daily Vlog Game, can i get some feedback?

    Hey Fam, So Recently i decided to get tickets to vidcon and im Daily Vlogging now as well, they're short, edited videos that go up everyday at 6 AM (gmt) and i would love some feedback on them! thanks and much love! Enjoy!
  13. GooberVlogs

    Have You Ever Gone To..

    Wazzup everyone =) Have you guys ever been to Vidcon??? how much was it and what do you do there??? Also I just checked out YouTube space and it looks like they have places in.. NY, LA, London, Yokyo, Berlin, Mumbai, Sao Paulo, Paris This sucks for me -_- I live In Florida.... but would like...
  14. Z

    Meet Up/Gathering List All The Annual Youtube Conventions That You Know!!

    I want to start attending Youtube conventions to meet up with many youtubers. Besides PlayList Live, Vidcon, and Stream Con. Are there any other Youtube conventions that people come to every year?