1. S

    Free software for Grain / Digital / VHS effects?

    Hi, I’m using the free version of Da Vinci Resolve 17, and it doesn’t have Grain / Digital / VHS effects. Does anyone know any software that has these effects for free? Or does anyone know any free Da Vinci Resolve 17 plugins that have these effects? I'm specifically looking for grain and...
  2. ProfessionalRik


    I managed to make Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon cool! Considered a very tacky game, here's my clips from my first few steps in their world.
  3. Crimes Against Cinema

    10 Crunchy Carrots

    Hey guys! I'm hoping you could take a look at my short film, 10 Crunchy Carrots! It's the first in a series of films on my channel that basically revamp a few movies in a satirical light. (We watch bad movies and talk about them.) It's seven minutes long and intended to look like a VHS tape...