1. I

    Gaming Dawn SMP {Minecraft Java} {1.17.1} {Vanilla} {Survival} {18+} {Whitelisted}

    Dawn SMP is a Vanilla Survival server for YouTubers/Streamers of any size aiming to make Minecraft content in a community environment. We do not limit based Subscribers/Followers and accept people based on their Minecraft and content creation skills. The server is currently still being set up...
  2. Silent

    Gaming Minecraft Vanilla Survival Series Collab.

    Hey all! Im looking for people to join me and my close friend on my survival series server. We are just playing to see what we can make of the world, and see what we can build. We are about 8 episodes in so far and havent beaten the dragon yet. We plan on having events like a Purge, and we like...
  3. A

    Gaming Minecraft Vanilla Server!!!

    Hey Guyz, I'm looking for youtubers who would like to join me and some other youtubers on a Vanilla Minecraft server.Atleast 10-15 people for the series. Pc Games! The server is starting tomorrow so we need to start working! Add me on Skype or reply here. Skype: Live:shafaith365 Hope To...
  4. A

    Gaming Now Accepting Applications! RAH Nation Minecraft Server!

    The OFFICIAL RAH Nation MineCraft Server will be accepting applications once 1.9 releases! This way NO ONE can go in to creative at any point for any reason (we are currently in creative periodically for our EPIC adventure series)! I will be getting a MineCraft realm so the server will be up...