1. MattDB


    Looking for vloggers in Vancouver and surrounding area to meetup and shoot a collaboration video, msg me or email me. m.db @ me. com
  2. B

    Vlog I would like to collaborate The channel was created a few days ago. I have a stock of videos for the future. The channel is actively promoting on...
  3. MattDB

    Vancouver Vlogs! - Matt Del Videos

    Hello! I'm here vlogging with my girlfriend Dawn, we are trying to make new friends on youtube. So please check out my videos and if you like them please subscribe! If you subscribe or comment on any videos I will check your channel out and subscribe! Thank you! [/SIZE] Who We Are [SIZE=5]Vlog
  4. P

    Vlog Vancouver Helicopter Vlogger

    Hi, My name is Mischa, I run a helicopter company near Vancouver British Columbia up in Canada. I am looking for Vloggers to collab with. I have a weekly vlog showing people about the adventures and life of a helicopter pilot. I would be interested in taking you on either a free helicopter...