1. A


    ARE YOU LOOSING CONFIDENCE IN YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL GROWTH? HERE WE HELP Hey, I am Andrew, That Helping many peoples to do Their Youtube Channel Growth with Free of Cost... BUDDY STRATEGY
  2. I


    Hey! If anyone here thinks they’re super good at building I’m hosting a build a city event soon! Minecraft ps4 reply for discord and details
  3. X

    Vlog Vlogger in Arizona, USA. 113 Days straight now Looking for collabs

    Hey guys! My name is Ryan Frost, on social media I go by XRyanFrost on everything: I have been vlogging for 113 days straight, I have 282 subscribers and 17,136 total views. Just wanted to say Hi and see if anyone lives near me or whats to collab by sending eachother 30 second videos that we...
  4. AlwaysMissingWide

    Gaming Looking for someone to play FIFA with.

    Looking for someone to play FIFA 17 with for a squad-builder-showdown type video. Must be 16+ Have a good mic Have a webcam Tweet me or add me on discord to talk: @alwaysmissnwide or alwaysmissingwide#8414
  5. MattDB

    Instagram Post Your Instagram!

    Hello my friendly instagramers! Post your link below! I will start first! If you add me, Ill add you back! Click Below: Instagram : @MattDelVideos Hope to see you !! Ohh and don't forget to let me know if you added me!!
  6. R

    Gaming YT GAMING-Minecraft-Sandbox Games--18yrs+ USA--PST Time Zone

    Hey everyone! My name is Rick. I am looking for a person who would be interested in collaborating to make videos. I am looking for mature individuals ages 18+. I am flexible about the number of subscribers. More or less a number is just a number. I would prefer someone with a good mic and...
  7. Seano1

    Winter in the North vs the South (U.S.)

    I exaggeratedly compare winter in the north vs the south in the US.
  8. Boggen Bupis

    Comedy Doing a US vs Canada video need a YouTube duo from Canada

    Hi I'm looking for a small YouTube duo from Canada for my US vs Canada video. If you fit the description email me @