uploading a video

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    How do you make money on YouTube? It isn’t that easy and it can take years to build up your followers and to monetize the content you create. But there are some key steps you can take so that your channel can grow fast and make money. We’ve taken the time to break it down so you can figure out...
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    Uploading in a half hour interval.

    Hello, everyone this is my first post on the forum so sorry if I mess things up with formatting and stuff. I started exporting a video out of my editing software ready to upload to YouTube, however, the video took longer than expected to export meaning that I will no longer be able to upload it...
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    Uploading a video to YouTube is being painfully slow!

    Hi guys, So I'm uploading a video to my channel, which is actually shorter than most of my other videos! But it is taking forever! I tried at a friends house last night to upload it and it only got to 16% in 3 hours! I'm now trying to upload it at work and it's not going much quicker! I'm...