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    Couldn’t post a video this week, should I post an update?

    Hey YTers, So I always post on Fridays but this week I’ve had a lot of things going on so I won’t be able to upload an “official” video. In this case, do you usually post a short update video letting your viewers know you won’t be uploading this week? Or do you just let it go and wait until...
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    Adding less relevant content at ends of videos to override with calls to action?

    When I upload my first few videos and later want to tweak the calls to action or use other calls to action - is it possible to actually trim out more than 20 seconds or add more audio/video content to the running time with Enhancements? If this is not possible could I add some extra credit roll...
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    "Update" videos, yes or no?

    Hello YTers, I started my channel about 6 months ago and had some personal issues that prevented me from posting anything until now. I got comments asking for new videos and now that I am able to get back into it, I decided to make a short one minute "update" video telling my few subscribers...