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    Vlog looking for vloggers rants funny etc

    i have a rant/ufo alien conspiracy channel.if you like to rant or are funny and want to collab hit me up, i have 16k subs and will be willing to work with whoever has similar content such as myself. must have humor and no safe spacers and libtard dirtbags. if you get offended easy dont bother...
  2. ApexTV

    Alien Caught on Tape in Mexico (SLENDER MAN?)

    Today we investigate images that claim to show a real alien caught on tape in Mexico. The photos, which are part of a viral video, allegedly show a humanoid alien creature that some people have even said is a case in which slender man was caught on tape. Do these photos show a real alien or even...
  3. ApexTV


    An alien was caught on camera inside a garbage can in the southern United States. The photo, which was sent to us by the woman who took them, shows an alien looking out of a garbage bin. Due to it's appearance, many have claimed that the creature depicts that of a grey alien. Grey aliens are the...
  4. ApexTV

    MULTIPLE UFOs Spotted in Osaka Japan

    Multiple UFOs were recently spotted in Osaka Japan. What do you think? In total, 10 circular white balls supposedly floated above the skies in Osaka Japan.