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  1. The Nerd Encounter

    Gaming Huge Pixelmon Server(A Minecraft Pokemon Mod)

    Hey fellow Youtube Gamers! I'm from The Nerd Encounter! We have posted here before! We're mainly a fb page with almost 22,000 likes (21900+ now!), but were looking to get into Youtube more! We had the idea to make a Pixelmon server. Which for those of you who don't know, is a minecraft...
  2. BeautyByCat

    Your Favorite Streamers?

    Hi guys! Just curious on who your favorite streamers on Twitch are? I wanna watch more people and I think it's fun to watch streams. Right now I am watching Prinsessefrida (literally as I type this I am watching her stream xD) I also like to watch Chromacy and nescaughtfire33. Of course they're...
  3. Anjim

    Anjim Plays Minecraft (PS4) Creative Sunday Live Stream

  4. Anjim

    Anjim Plays Star Wars Battlefront (PS4) | Join The Dark Side Live Stream

  5. Anjim

    Life Is Strange (PS4) Live Stream

    Part 2 is coming up next week
  6. Anjim

    Is Furi the new Afro Samurai?

    This is one of the best indie I ever played if you are anime-fan
  7. Anjim

    Live Streams Wednesdays #1

    I will start putting my live streams on Wednesdays! Tell you what you think? Here is Ori Tales from the Borderland Smite PS4 Collaboration Skullgirls 2nd Encore
  8. Anjim

    Let's Play Saints Row and Mighty No. 9 Live Stream

    Check them out
  9. FestusFX

    "Streaming" YouTube Vs Twitch

    Twitch is really well-known for streaming but you can also stream on your YouTube channel. But if I want to gain a few subs or something, what is the best place to stream ? Is twitch easier or YouTube ? If you have some good info plz tell me :)