1. BrianTheVideoShooter

    Winter nature beauty

    Beautiful winter nature (Beauty) at the Western Rampart fortification in Copenhagen, Denmark. A cold day but it's fresh weather and wintertime again.
  2. A

    New here, greetings from Barcelona!

    Good afternoon everyone! I'm writing this post due that I'm new and I want to create a new YouTube Channel related with people/blogs. My idea is to create a story between 2 people (guy and girl) with a relationship in a distance. I would like to find some girl that could be interested to...
  3. terror569

    Amazing Switzerland trip 2016 with my GF and her class

    So I switched a little bit. Now I'm trying to make some vlogs! If anybody is gonna watch it, could I please, please recieve some feedback from you guys? If you like it or nah, what to improve etc. Thank you so much. Cheers, Terror
  4. RomanCastro

    Weekend Kayak Fishing Trip out of San Diego (vlog)

    My first fully comped trip thanks to vlogging and podcasting. Stoked :thumbsup2: Thanks for checking this out YTTalkers!
  5. RomanCastro

    7 Day Spearfishing Trip to La Paz, Mexico (Travel Day)

    Travel day for the most awesome spearfishing adventure I've ever been on.
  6. TheSpanishKorean

    Vlog Seeking Vlog Collab!

    Hello everyone, My wife and I just started our family YT channel and we would LOVE to collab with another vlog channel. We are a diversefamily and our baby is extremely mixed (1/2 Korean, 1/4 Puertorican, 1/4 white). Any good vibed vlog channel would be great! I also have another YT channel...
  7. Diego Villarreal

    Daniel Fernandez is flying me to LA!!

    About a month and a half ago, Youtuber and magician Daniel Fernandez announced he was giving away a trip to LA to meet him and shoot a video with him, and I won!! I'm going to LA to shoot a video with Daniel Fernandez! It's still unreal. The experience is going to be amazing. Appart from doing...
  8. Aljaž

    What do you think?

    Here's my video on Thailand, share your opinion down below please, any tips?