1. Kemono

    MW2 Sniping Montage

    Not too experienced with montages, but this is my first one posted a little while ago, I know it's probably not super A1, but i would truly love any input I could get, thank you guys so much!
  2. xDrizy

    YouTube Upload Idea List. HELP

    Everyone I Have a Nice Active Channel And I Love Posting Video's But I've Been Running Out Of Idea's For Video's. What Do You Like To See In A YouTuber As Of Content Wise?
  3. H

    Gaming Black Ops 2, Xbox 360 6 man S&D and TDM Teammates Needed for RC Challenges, Trickshotting.

    Hey Guys!! Im trying to complete a few Recruitment Challenges, if you wanna 6 man on bo2 in TDM or S&D, hmm on my twitter or IG, Hollywood13Game. Looking for moderate to advanced trickshotters, if your already in a tricks hotting clan, maybe we can hookup and play a few games and talk about...