1. Dig

    Persona 3 inspired original song!

    Feeling the hype for Persona 5? What am I saying, we all are :) All the excitement over the past months got me looking back at one of my favorite series, and out popped a song! What better way to dive into a new gem than by celebrating a classic :winkphones: I hope any Persona fans lurking...
  2. Pat Laveau

    Music Someone who can Sing? 80s Pop

    Hey there, i got some 80s Pop Style Songs but no singer who`s able to sing those Songs. May im interested in making a colab for a new youtube channel. My part is the music, your part is to sing and maybe writing the lyrics. For the Video im open to everything but thinking in a 80s Pop-Rock...
  3. Dig

    Another feedback request? NO WAY!!! 60% chance of rocking out!

    You know the drill guys, if it's a thread in this subforum, it's a review request! :dance: I make video game inspired music packaged neatly in Youtube video form, and I would truly appreciate it if you would check out my channel in the link below and give me your honest impressions (but, like...
  4. 42Blazing

    Gaming Town Of Salem Collab (or xbox 360 games)

    I dont have access to my PS4 for rn so i dont really have many things to play but id like to do some collaborations!! I'm also up to play the Attack On Titan Tribute game.
  5. TV Harmonies

    Tribute to Prince Medley

    Hey everyone so as many of you know the legend Prince has recently passed away and we wanted to share something that would bring the spirits up and pay tribute to a man that is one of a kind and that has changed music forever. I hope you enjoy it and if you do please spread the love so others...