1. Silent Jay

    Music *Mystery | New Banger / Trap Instrumental Free Prod By.Silent Jay

    Thanks For Your Support!!
  2. Dzox

    Dzox - ATB (Official Music Video)

    First music video from my friend :dance:
  3. official118

    I'm an aspiring music producer and would love feedback!

    I'm an aspiring music producer that tailors to hip hop and trap. It would be cool to get feedback on my progress! Let me know if you got any music you need me to review as well!
  4. TheDevaShow

    Services Professional Trap Beats (cheap prices, I can recreate any beat!)

    professional trap beats for cheap prices Like the title says, I can recreate / produce any trap style beat. I have a lot of experience with mixing, mastering and producing tracks with FL Studio, and am able to offer my services for a cheap price. - PRICING - (PAYPAL PAYMENT ONLY -...
  5. Fox Beat

    No Copyright Music For Youtube Video

    Please check the video description for detail!! No Copyright Music For Youtube Video - Ship Wrek - Pain (ft. Mia Vaile) [Trap] No Copyright Music For Youtube Video - Ship Wrek, Zookeepers & Trauzers - Vessel [Trap]
  6. aromamob

    Music Looking for collabs

    Hi, everyone! This is my first time and post on this forum. I am a young producer, rapper, and songwriter. I try to make a name in this industry, but it is kinda hard. My youtube channel has loads of beats, (the newest ones are the best) and some songs from my mixtapes that I produced, wrote and...
  7. MechMaster

    Filthy Frank Remix

    here's my filthy frank remix, i didnt really add the filthy frank samples until later on but hopefully you enjoy
  8. Aeth

    Request Trap Nation Style Logo Request

    Hello my name is Aeth. I would like to start a music channel, but I really need a logo for it. I want to make my channel Nightcore related, and I was thinking of doing Metal Nightcore, but I am not completely sure yet. All I want to know is if there is someone out there who COULD make a logo for...
  9. Djcoolplays

    Request Need A New Intro (FREE ONLY)

    Hello I would like someone to make me a 3D Intro with a double layer text with name "Djcoolplays" please be a gaming intro with any music like rap, trap, and dubstep. Please use a Shockwave intro if you can. Bye!