trailer reactions

  1. toastymind

    New Trailer Reaction Channel - React To The World

    Been vlogging for a while but decided to shift focus towards movie trailer reactions because we love it! It's definitely a stressful topic because you really have to jump on making a reaction ultra fast the minute a trailer drops. I think over time we'll expand to other things to react...
  2. toastymind

    Trailer Reactions!

    Recently got into making trailer reaction vids and having a blast!
  3. TeeBry

    Bleach Live Action Trailer Reaction!!

    Today I watched the trailer for the new live action Bleach yeah this is that.
  4. Alistair Watts

    Suggestions about software to do film trailer reviews

    Good morning. I would like to start a channel especially about film trailer reactions. I would like to know of the best software that I could use to do split screen videos. Of me on cam playing against a video. Or maybe an android app that I can use? Thanks in advance guys!!