traffic drops

  1. K

    Can a channel be revived?

    I made a stupid mistake in February and March this year. I promoted my videos via social media sites which meant I got an average CTR of 2%. I didn't realise this until late March when (I think) YouTube demoted us with an algorithm update/change. This resulted in less views per video and we no...
  2. avrona

    How Can I Promote My Channel More?

    So I've been doing YouTube for 3 and a half years, yet I only get around 12 views per video, so I really want to do more promotion, but no matter where I look, I just find things I already do. So any more ideas anyone?
  3. Daelene's FantasyPlayland

    What is wrong? My Channels are not getting enough views!

    Hi friends, our channel is 5 months old. During our first 3 months it is doing well and getting decent views and traffic. After that 3 months we noticed that the views and traffic are dropping slowly. What do you think is wrong? Are we not doing it right about our content, titles, descriptions...