town of salem

  1. TheMrSanity

    Town Of Salem - Werewolf Needs his SandWITCH!

    Hey there guys and welcome back to another town of salem video! If you like the video and/or have a LARGE one Down stairs. Please click the like button below. ENJOY
  2. TheMrSanity

    Town of Salem - I Shot the "Survivor" - Patch 1.5.11 Changes

    Hey there everyone and welcome to another town of Salem video! In today's video we briefly go over the Patch 1.5.11 Changes, then go into a game and see if we notice them at all! I hope you all enjoy the video!
  3. TheMrSanity

    Town of Salem - Spying on the Mafia

    Hey guys another town of salem video that I hope you will all enjoy very much, was probably one of my best spy games ever!
  4. TheMrSanity

    Town of Salem Ranked Practice - Vigilante Taking off Heads

    Today I show you guys how to play as the vigilante and do my best to win the game!
  5. Miss Medi

    Town of Salem (Vampire Hunter Game) | STAMPING OUT VAMPS! (Ranked Practice) w/ Miss Medi

    New #TownofSalem is up! This is the most unusual game I've ever played! :o Would really love if you can check it out and see what you think! #YoureAllVamps
  6. Miss Medi

    Town of Salem (Consig Game) | THE IMPOSSIBLE INVEST! (Ranked Practice) w/ Miss Medi

    Heya! Just uploaded a new episode of #Town of Salem! I'm the mafia's one and only Consig! One of the toughest games I've played yet and the best turnaround I've ever seen :D
  7. Miss Medi

    Town of Salem | I'M A SURVIVOR! (Ranked Practice) w/ Miss Medi

    *I'm a Surviv-ah! I'm gonna make it!* Also hi! Welcome to another episode of Town of Salem, playing Ranked Practice today and it's our first game as the dreaded Survivor! O.O If you wanna see more ToS Videos on the channel, let me know by hitting that like button, commenting your ideas and of...
  8. Miss Medi

    Town of Salem | LOOKOUT FOR LOLLY! (Ranked Practice) w/ Miss Medi

    Hiya! Would love it if you could take a look at my latest ToS vid, we're trying to work our way through all the roles and talk about tips & strategy as we go!
  9. NuNu91011

    Gaming Looking for people to play with

    Me and my friend are looking to play games with people.(Also possible collab on youtube) We really want to play with people who have Dead by Daylight Golf With Your Friends Gmod Minecraft Cards against humanity Town of Salem And whatever games you suggest (if we have of course) You can reach...
  10. 42Blazing

    Gaming Or Town Of Salem Collaboration

    Hello m80's my name is 42Blazing and I'm looking for some funny youtubers to play Town Of Salem or with. I don't care how many subscribers you have.
  11. 42Blazing

    Gaming Town Of Salem Collab Or Gaming Commentary Collab

    I have 166 subs and want to collab with other youtubers. I want to do some Town Of Salem funny moments or lets plays with someone. Or I would like to do one of my normal commentary videos except another youtube is talking too. I'll also do Attack On Titan Tribute Game collabs. I have a Xbox 360...
  12. 42Blazing

    Gaming Town Of Salem And Attack On Titan Tribute (+Xbox 360)

    Looking for people to play those games with. We can also do Xbox but i don't have my normal tv right now so I'm not sure if i could use my capture card on it. I have 162 subs and don't mind if you are lower or higher than me.
  13. Fusion

    Gaming Collab for Warframe, Town of Salem or other free games

    Hey, I am a start up YouTuber who likes to collab with some other youtubers. Because I only have twelve subs I think the larger channels aren't really that interested in me ( but if want to you can always collab with me) so I am looking for other small channels. I am looking to play some...
  14. 42Blazing

    Gaming Town Of Salem Collab (or xbox 360 games)

    I dont have access to my PS4 for rn so i dont really have many things to play but id like to do some collaborations!! I'm also up to play the Attack On Titan Tribute game.
  15. ggdeeofficial

    Town of Salem: Perfect win as Jester.. Everyone Dies!

    Town of Salem is a mafia game where you are assigned a role at the start. In order to win as JESTER you have to get yourself voted and hangged. Thats Easy! But you can also win by killing everyone else in the process! here is how!