tom clancy

  1. Jonathan Arteaga

    Ghost Recon Wildlands Open beta - Night Explores wildlands world

    In this video I do a couple of side missions like 2 I think looking for weapon attachments for my guns and oh yeah I crashed a lot its hard to drive In this game. I had a lot of fun recording this I hope you enjoy!
  2. A

    New to the site! Feedback would be great!

    Also open to collabs :)
  3. TheTNGMen

    The Division? Never heard of it~

    We play something that has never been done before... No you guys I'm seriously~ We managed to have some fun in the game, but I felt that was more due to our dumbassery rather than the game quality. The single player felt rather boring, and it really didn't pick up until we did some...
  4. PseudoExon

    Is the DIVISION a new DESTINY??

    My 1st thoughts/Impressions on The Division. Let me now what you guys think
  5. RandomGamingVideos

    The Divison: Gameplay videos/Missions/Trailers

  6. L

    The Division: First Impressions - Character Creation & Storyline Gameplay

    Hey Guys, The Division Beta is here and today I am taking a look at the The Division on PC, showcasing the character creation, combat and questing. Be sure to sit back and relax because it's a long one...But it's goooood! REMEMBER GUYS, LIKE WHAT YOU SEE BE SURE TO HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON!!!
  7. FirstOrderEntertainment

    Gaming Xbox One Tom Clancy Divison Collab

    Now if your viewing this thread that means that you are interested in to record with me in Tom Clancy - The Division. I have a few requirements, one you must of course have the Xbox 1 and also must have the beta of the division...Yes this is obvious but some people will just want to...