tips for youtube gaming channel

  1. skepticalvoid

    Gaming collaboration anyone?

    hey guys! I mostly do gaming tutorials/ glitches. I plan on doing more tutorials with Photoshop and obs settings. I haven't done a collaboration with anyone at all. Only collab with me if your around the same amount of subscribers as I am. I currently have 157. I have a gaming PC and a Xbox one...
  2. WilBajamas

    Premiere Pro Subtitle Sequence

    Hi guys, I've been making and editing videos for about 3 months. And I did put some subtitles in my gaming videos but I only know how to make a full subtitle. For example I make a sentence of subtitles and the whole sentence just pops out. I wonder if anyone can teach me to make the title's...
  3. iVariety

    Would love a Channel Review

    Hey all! To make things short, I have been grwoing in subscribers (average around 3 a day) but my view count stays the same on most of my videos. I usually only get about 30-50 views per videos (small for my channel size). Also, I have had a video that hit 28k views and I am worried that all...