1. SeanFace101

    Whats the best number and timing for Cards / Annotations?

    Anyone know or figured out what time roughly in videos is the best to put cards and / or annotations? Just after the start of the video? Just before the end of the video?, etc.. ? Also, is it best to use up the full 5 spaces or just use one per video?
  2. CubizFIFA

    Shorten Squad Builder Length?

    In this video I build a FIFA 16 UT squad and I'm wondering if I spent to long putting the squad together and should make it shorter?
  3. Omeo

    Timing Your Clones

    Does anyone know how to time your dialogue if you're talking to a clone of yourself? I'm talking about the kind of stuff Natalie Tran does on her community channel. She's always interacting with clones of herself and the dialogue is perfectly timed; no awkwardly long pauses and she doesn't...
  4. WilBajamas

    Uploading on December

    Hey there guys, I started Youtube on September 2015, it's almost 3 months now and everything was going fine, I was gaining subs and views until December. December is quite disastrous for me, I'm not greedy for subs or likes...it's just my view count drops a lot when I'm uploading now. Is it...