1. Adventure Campitelli


    Anyone want to look at my thumbnails and give me their critiques and/or suggestions?
  2. Alexandr

    Need feedback - Channel, thumbnails, SEO & videos

    Hello! My name is Alex and i`ve a new channel named "ROBOCOUB". It is about bes COUB compilations. Right now i want to ask you about reviewing it. What i can do else with SEO, with thumbs, with channel design? Would be glad to read any answer. Oh... and here is a link of course -...

    Need help making thumbs? - Have my PSD (Photoshop Help.)

    Hey All, A little while ago I commented on a thread where someone was asking for some Photoshop help, mainly about making thumbs. I use Photoshop EVERYDAY its a great tool and I strongly recommend you get in and try it out. Adobe makes it very affordable these days to use their programs and...