1. TheDutchTexan

    Cars & Coffee Dallas // May 5th 2018

    Cinco de Mayo edition! We were graced with a great day for a car show, and lots of people came out to show their rides! I loved the E36 BMW, it was super clean. Also the Lamborghini Aventador SV (cover car of the month) and a Lil Red Express Truck!
  2. TheDutchTexan

    2017 Audi A4 Quattro SLine Review!

    Today we're stepping into a fellow automotive YouTuber's daily driver. DFWs Cars's Audi A4 Quattro with the premium SLine package and AWE Track exhaust!
  3. TheDutchTexan

    Cars & Coffee Dallas // April 1st 2017

    Welcome to the April 1st 2017 Cars and Coffee Dallas video! The first really nice day in a long while, and the lot was packed! Lots of vintage VW's! I also finally got a proper look at the Toyota 2000GT as it drove by my camera, and what a stunner that car was! The Impala wagon was cool as heck...
  4. TheDutchTexan

    Procharged 2015 Mustang GT // Review

    Welcome to my update Review of Junior's 2015 Mustang GT which now has 676whp and 532wtq cutesy of a ProCharger!
  5. TheDutchTexan

    Cars & Coffee Dallas // November 5th 2016

    Welcome to the November 5th 2016 Cars and Coffee Dallas video! The weather cooled down and the sun was just rising as I walked on the lot. I was immediately greeted by a great sounding and looking fairlady Z! Other favorites were the last of the muscle cars (Pontiac GTO's) and the '74 challenger!
  6. TheDutchTexan

    World War 2 Airshow!

    Welcome to my coverage of the Commemorative Air Force World War 2 airshow "Wings over Dallas" on October 30th 2016. I might do primarily car shows, but I have a great love for aircraft as well. Especially those from world war 2! In order of appearance: B-29 Superfortress "FiFi" P-51 Mustang...
  7. TheDutchTexan

    Lancer Evolution Final Edition // Review

    Hey guys, welcome my first ever drive in the legendary Evolution! Edison's 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Final Edition!
  8. TheDutchTexan

    ECM Meet // October 9th 2016

    Welcome to my coverage of the October 9th 2016 Endless Car Movement Meet at the Nebraska Furniture Mart in the Colony! The line to get in was longer than last time, so many more people showed up! The lot was PACKED with more than the eye could see. And everyone would be happy, from classics...
  9. TheDutchTexan

    Boardwalk Ferrari Fall Concorso 2016

    Welcome to my coverage of the Boardwalk Ferrari Fall Concorso of 2016! Both old and new Ferrari's came together on the first of October 2016 and showed off their lines and exhaust notes. My favorite had to be the Testarossa, I am a huge fan of the Ferrari's from the 80's and 90's. But the...
  10. TheDutchTexan

    Cars & Coffee Dallas // October 1st 2016

    Welcome to the October 1st 2016 Cars and Coffee Dallas video! Weather was great, but the weekend was filled with other shows that had an affect on attendance. It was a fair bit more quiet than usual, but it did yield some interesting cars. I hadn't seen a Carrera GT in a while. Still an...
  11. TheDutchTexan

    2015 Alfa Romeo 4C // Review

    Hey guys, welcome to the first mid engined car review on my channel! The Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition!
  12. TheDutchTexan

    2015 Focus ST // Review!

    This time I bring you my take on the 2015 Ford Focus ST!
  13. TheDutchTexan

    ECM Meet // September 11th 2016

    Welcome to my coverage of the September 11th 2016 Endless Car Movement Meet at the Nebraska Furniture Mart in the Colony! The first event after the shut down was a HUGE success! Lots of cars showed up, both new and vintage alike! Even spotted a NOS blue Focus RS which I think has to be the BEST...
  14. TheDutchTexan

    Cars & Coffee Dallas // September 3rd 2016

    Welcome to the September 3rd 2016 Cars and Coffee Dallas video! Fall is practically upon us and the temperatures were nice. Lots of awesome cars came by, a big mention to the cover car of this month, the Alfa Romeo Montreal. I love the timeless lines on that classic. A LaFerrari graced us with...
  15. TheDutchTexan

    2016 Ford Fiesta ST // Review!

    This time I am reviewing Nathan's 2016 Fiesta ST. The smallest hot hatch from Ford!
  16. TheDutchTexan

    2015 Dodge Charger Hellcat // Review!

    There is a new cat in town... The fastest production sedan in the world... And incidentally the most powerful car I have driven to date (sorry CTS-V). Welcome to the 707hp 650tq 2015 Dodge Charger Hellcat review! Performance Mods: - BWoody intake - Straight pipes from the cat back
  17. TheDutchTexan

    Oldtimerday Vianen 2016

    Welcome to the Oldtimerday Vianen 2016 video! This is a yearly event in which old cars from 1975 and older participate. This is the 29th edition! Many old cars showed up, even some that are approaching, or have already passed the century mark. Amazing to see cars from the early 1900's...
  18. TheDutchTexan

    2015 Subaru WRX // Review

    For this review I got to drive Stefan's 2015 Subaru WRX with some basic performance upgrades! - Perrin Strut tower brace - Nameless Muffler Delete - Cobb Stage 1 Tune
  19. TheDutchTexan

    Chandler's Car Show

    Welcome to Chandler's First Show & Shine! This Car Show is dedicated to a 21 year old like you and me. Thanks to everyone who attended this meet to see and support a fellow car enthusiast, and thank you Chandler for inspiring people that made this one of the best... if not THE best meet I have...
  20. TheDutchTexan

    2016 Dallas Auto Show

    Welcome to my short impression of the 2016 DFW Auto Show! I was very exited to see the new 2016 Focus RS and the 2017 Acura NSX. I saw the 2017 Fiat 124 spider and it looked great in person! On the super-car spectrum there was a Pagani Huayra clad in carbon! The car that 100% surprised me this...
  21. TheDutchTexan

    Stay Broke Krew Spring Stunts!

    In this final part of the SBK spring ride we ride from the gas station through down town Dallas and find ourselves at the supermoto stunt spot!
  22. TheDutchTexan

    1965 Mustang Fastback // Review

    It is not often you get the chance to drive an automotive icon. And Zander's 1965 Mustang Fastback surely qualifies! Powered by a "K" code inspired 289 V8 backed by a C4 automatic transmission provided all the right feels!
  23. TheDutchTexan

    Stanced Acura Integra // Review

    This time I experience a car genre like I have never experienced before. I got to drive and review Sebastian's stanced 1995 Acura Integra sedan!
  24. TheDutchTexan

    2002 Subaru WRX // Review

    This time I am taking a drive in Sam's very clean and very original 2002 Subaru WRX, aka the Bugeye!
  25. TheDutchTexan

    2006 Saab 9-3 Aero // REVIEW

    I meet up with Payten, a subscriber of mine, and review his awesome 2006 Saab 9-3 Aero with a manual transmission!
  26. TheDutchTexan

    Wrong WAY!

    Welcome to another MotoVlog! This time I review my 2015 goals and set some new ones for 2016 whilst heading to half price books. I see someone jaywalking and another person goes the wrong way, and show you some nice and expensive homes! Link to JoeGo101's video mentioned: Link to YouTube
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