the forest

  1. LadyRevan

    Gaming Looking for a group and/or collabs

    Heya, I'm Revan. I've got my own little channel where I upload highlights of gaming sessions with family/friends. I've wanted to make a hobby out of YT for about a decade now, but never really had the means to do so. Now that I do, I've had a blast and captured some really great moments. That...
  2. Layzmozes

    Gaming Pc Gaming (mainly the forest)

    Hi i'm Nathan and i'm 15 i have 180 subscribers you cant be a squeaker (no offense) you have play on PC (i can game share with you if necessary) you have to be open to some dark humor, and memes I just want to have fun and help people grow, and maybe the same could happen to me.:) These are...
  3. S

    Gaming A Small Group of Youtubers To Collab With

    Hi there My name is Stupidpendous & I'm a very small Youtuber & i was wondering if any other Youtubers want to create a series or something like that. The Games I Play Now: Minecraft, Terraria, GMod Games i'm Planing to Play: The Forest, PUBG, COD WW2, More GMod, Modded Minecraft Games I've been...
  4. KoziOnPc

    Gaming A Scottish Male/Female needed to make up the GB Quartet

    Hey me and 2 of my other friends which are also Youtuber's Decided to play The Forest.But there is a little twist as we want to get the whole GB Quartet going I'm Irish one of my friends is Welsh and the other is British but all we need is a Scottish person to finish of the Quartet. The GB...
  5. PhoenixAnimus


    So yeah, I played the forest and for the first time I met the locals, they seem nice, a little cannibalistic, but nice...if you look past the whole bashing my head in with another human skull on a stick, shouting at me, jumping at me and generally just being d*cks! Also I know that there is...
  6. PhoenixAnimus

    Would you survive?! | The Forest w/ Facecam

    So yeah, I played the forest for the first time in about like two years or however long it's been, and I decided to show off my face while doing it. It was my first time using an actual camera (not a webcam, I mean a proper video camera for this) and I tried my best to sync things up but you...
  7. VoltiacYT

    Gaming Mature YouTube Gaming Group - Multiple Games

    Hey guys, my name is Aoryx. I'm 14 years old, and in primary school. Im from Canada. Im also searching for a group of mature youtubers, who are looking for a group to hang out and have fun with. Specifications: - Be AT LEAST 13 years of age. - Be nice (duh). - Upload videos regularly...
  8. PerfectSparky


    Look for people to collaborate with because I have no youtube friends that I currently collaborate with haha. I play Minecraft, The Forest, GMOD, CSGO, and other games! Anyways just leave a message on this thread if you're interested! :D Other Info About Me: - Im 17 years old - I live in the...
  9. Shehzad

    The Forest Multiplayer | Abandoned Yatch

    We finally start getting a move on and adventure deeper into the Forest. We definitely regret this. Find out what the cannibals think of us as we loot from their camp.
  10. Shehzad

    The Forest Multiplayer | Building Our Foundation | #2

    We finally made it through the night but now it's time to get warm and start building ourselves a home. Our lumberjack days starts today, watch the video to see what we plan on making.
  11. Shehzad

    The Forest Multiplayer | Surviving The First Day | #1

    Along with my team mate we head into the woods and try to survive the first day. This is what happens when two people who know nothing about survival try to swing axes and fight off cannibals
  12. Shehzad

    Exploring The Biggest Cave - The Forest

    I dive into the depths of the unknown and face the biggest challenge yet. What will become of me in this cave? where is way out out? Find out below what happens
  13. Shehzad

    Insane Katana Battle - The Forest

    I am not welcomed here yet I walk into the cannibal encampment and have to deal with the whole family + an alligator at the same time.