1. JTanalepy

    Gaming Looking for YouTubers to make video's with

    Hello, my name is Jaël (JTanalepy). Me and a friend of mine, Tijmen (TGC) make YouTube gaming video's. We started to do YouTube serious since a few months ago. I have around 150 subscribers and Tijmen has about 200 subscribers. We play a lot of different games and we like to play more, but we...
  2. Davis McLeod

    Gaming PC Terraria Collaboration with TheGaminController

    If you want to collab with me then make sure you have Terraria on steam. I will accept 1-3 channels but if so make some great conversations. You can get steam by googling steam. My channel has a little bit under 90 subscribers. Make sure that you have around the same subscribers (115 - 75...
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