1. TeraVex

    Frigice (Original Mix) - TeraVex

    New song is up on my YouTube! Check it out!
  2. TeraVex

    Midnight Drift by TeraVex (Preorder Amethyst Now)

  3. TeraVex

    Wily Fortress 1 (Techno Remix)

    Here is a remix of Wily Fortress 1 from Megaman 2! Enjoy!
  4. TeraVex

    Skylights (New Album Available For Pre-Order Link in Description)

    Skylights is a single on my new 8 track album releasing in December!
  5. TeraVex

    Rainbow Road SMK (Techno Remix)

    My newest most recent song, I will be posting a lot more! Feel free you download! Link in description!